Kevin Terpening

Kevin Terpening

Most people think that if you don’t skate in Southern California than you have little to no chance of becoming pro. Even though many skaters have debunked this theory time after time, it still seems to linger.  Everything you’ll read about Kevin is that he’s from Ohio and that he moved to LA and became noticed.  The fact is Terpening was well on his way to becoming one skateboarding’s rising stars while still in Ohio.  Ohio has a strong tradition of skateboarding and Kevin is one of the newest most exciting additions to that history.  Backed by Val Surf, éS, and Ohio’s own Alien Workshop, Kevin has been steadily pumping out great skating for footage and photos alike, and it seems like there is no plan on slowing down.  He is a quiet and to the point kind of guy and that shines through in his skating.

Favorite place to skate?
Good flat ground or a solid mini ramp is the shit.

When you're not skating?
Usually just sleeping or watching movies.  Hang out with my friends and drink some Beers.

Favorite trick?
Straight no complys are my favorite right now. 

Biggest motivator?
Probably not having to work a real job and being able to have fun with my friends all day.

Worst or first job?
I just worked at a few skate shops and they've been pretty fun.